Holiday Mini Sessions are here!

When I designed this year’s Holiday Mini Sessions, I kept in mind two things:

  1. I hate COVID
  2. I need to keep my clients (and myself) safe!

So I built out an open-air studio in the garage area of my studio. How does it work?

  • Drive up and park just outside my garage entrance
  • Walk 3 steps into my garage and voila: you’re on the holiday set, ready for your photo!
  • The fresh outside air keeps the space safe and the outdoor light beautifully illuminates your faces!
  • I remain 6+ feet away with a mask on at all times.
  • I sanitize the set after EACH shoot with EPA approved fabric sanitizer, bleach wipes and antiviral+antibacterial floor cleaner that has been certified to kill COVID19.

Would love to have you on set this year! Book your October or November session online today. This will sell out.

Happy Holidays!