My New Podcast

I’ve been looking for a way to share inspirational stories about inspirational women…so I started a Podcast!


In 2003, I was a professional race car driver and started a non-profit called Drifting Pretty that mentored other aspiring female race car drivers. That non-profit is now 17 years old! We’re still in operation today and our members who joined as aspiring racers have come a long way and continue to color outside the lines as strong independent women.

Season 1 Synopsis

I’m going to interview the Drifting Pretty members during this 1st season of the Drifting Pretty Podcast. Dentist. Jiu-jitsu fighter. Engineer. Social Media pet influencer. Photographer. RN. Mother. Single Mother. Race event manager. Captain in the Air Force. Their stories of abuse, alcoholism, career changes, egg freezing, pregnancies, racing cars… I can’t wait to share their inspiring stories with you!

I’ll release a new episode every other Thursday. Please listen in :)!

Where to listen

Anchor (also Google Podcasts*, Spotify and Apple Music*)

*may not be on all platforms until next week #becausecovid