Podcast Interview!

I was interviewed on the podcast Cocktails & Kimchi! It was a humbling and fun experience….and I learned more about myself through the questions they ask me! We talked about my past (which a lot of you may not know about) and even stirred up some controversy (in the “Shooketh not stirred” segment). What a positive experience this was, my goodness.

Cocktails & Kimchi is a newer podcast and the host, Laney Darling I met years ago when I was photographing weddings still. She was and still is an event planner…and one of most thoughtful people I’ve ever worked with.

Take a listen to my episode and the others they have. My other favs are episode 1 and 2 :)!

My Episode

Thank you Laney, Banchan John (and Chopsticks + DJ Indoe), you guys were a class act and I loved being in your presence. It was an honor being your first guest. #notworthy

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