How much we fundraised with the Front Steps Project and what’s next?

I dove head first into my Front Steps Project fundraiser without realizing how popular it would be and how much money we’d fundraise. $500 +/- was my expectation when I did end up thinking about it. Boy was I wrong.

It was a hit and I photographed over 35 families on their front steps in a matter of 6 shooting days! I drove everywhere from Highland Park to Glendale to Bradbury to Yorba Linda.

We ended up raising $1,900 for Foothill Unity, a food bank a few blocks away from my studio.

It was an amazing experience that truly made me feel like the world was happy and normal again. Everyone who took part felt the same. It was a reason to get out of bed and get dressed that day. A Front Steps Photo session is something the family would do together that was short, sweet and meaningful.

What’s Next?

$1,900 was a nice figure to end at, but I know my work for the community is far from done. For the month of May, I will be doing another Front Steps Project, this time to benefit our dear local Small Businesses. Announcement to come tomorrow.

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