What to wear to a family photo shoot

What is my biggest FAQ?

The most frequently asked question I get is “What to wear to a family photo shoot?”

How I answer

My clients are busy parents that want and need to hear simple, straight forward advice on how to dress their family for a photo shoot.  Until today, I’ve offered only a style guide PDF with guidelines.  For some, this isn’t enough, which inspired me to do something even more to help my clients.

Today, I am releasing the 1st video in a series of “Photo Shoot 101” videos made for my clients:  “What to wear to a family photo shoot.”

In this video I share real life examples of past shoots of my best dressed clients.  And as a bonus, I tell you how to look skinnier on camera.

This video is dedicated to my detail-oriented clients with a want for visual inspiration.  Enjoy!!

I will release more of these photo shoot 101 videos in the coming weeks.  Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel!