Mommy Makeover Launch

I’ve been working on this project for years and its been a dream of mine for as long as I’ve been shooting.  I’m excited to announce I’ve finally launched Sachiko Glam, a hybrid fashion & boudoir photography experience tailored to you busy moms!

I have an all-woman glam team give you a makeover, style you in our gorgeous gowns & lingerie and you have a 1:1 photoshoot with me just as if you were getting photographed for a Vogue cover shoot.  A classy, empowering, pamping & care-free experience is what this is all about.

For my portfolio, I invited my current mommy clients to be my models.  One of them was Ms. S.  She gave birth just 7 months ago and agreed to sit with me for a glam session.  She is a size 10 and like most of us, is living a hectic life trying to balance work, love life, family, baby bonding time AND time out for herself.  She wanted to do something special for herself, she deserves it.

She just showed up and we took it from there.  My all-female glam team chose big sexy hair extensions, romantic eyelashes and sultry makeup.  Her wardrobe was from my collection here at the studio.  Here are her Glam Session results and see the video below:

This is a new experience here at the studio that I’m offering in addition to the fun children & family shoots I do here. 
The first 8 women to book a glam session will receive a complimentry glam gift basket.  
Visit for more information on the Glam experience.