Studio or Natural Light Session?

Studio or Natural light? My biggest FAQ!

One of the most unique things about Sachiko Studio is that I offer BOTH studio and natural light sessions.  So naturally, one of the most frequently asked questions my clients ask is whether they should go for a studio OR natural light session.

Don’t worry, I got this doll.  Here are the pros and cons for studio photography sessions and natural light photography sessions plus some outside-the-box alternatives that you may not have thought of!


Studio Sessions


  • The weather will not affect the session
  • Easy no-fuss arrival, park at my front door and walk in
  • In-studio bathroom, food, beverages
  • access to entire collection of props
  • Kid-friendly environment with play area, tv/Netflix, coloring, prizes for smiles
  • Elderly, handicapped, special needs friendly environment
  • Studio is lit by natural light and studio lighting for the most flattering light
  • make a cake or confetti mess, I don’t mind, at all.
  • my studio packages start at a lower price vs. on-location/natural light

  • limited space, it gets cramped when a family of 9+ people are inside
  • no shiny golden hour sun ray shots since we’re inside
  • You must be on-time. Due to my busy studio schedule, if you’re late, I can’t extend your session. You’ll miss out on valuable session time.
  • I photograph many little newborn babies and children with allergies so my studio does not accommodate pets

Natural Light / Outdoor Sessions


  • Unlimited space for your family. Large 10+ person family portraits is no problem.
  • Offers a unique, natural, diverse background
  • The gorgeous sun ray / sun kissed / golden light that the sun offers can’t be duplicated in studio
  • Outdoor sessions can feel like an adventure for kids, which is a good mood booster
  • Depending on the location, especially those with lots of trees/flowers, will show the season. Ie The Fall will bring out orange/gold leaves
  • More than 50% of the locations on my location list are pet friendly.


  • The weather may not be agreeable IE too hot, too cold or rainy. This may not be ideal for sessions with out of town family, maternity or small babies. In the case of rain, I have a flexible ” cancel the morning of the shoot for free” policy
  • Since I shoot in public places, there is no guarantee we will be alone…there may be people walking around. I try my best to find “secret secluded” areas to shoot in.
  • If you have props, sometimes its a pain to lug them on location.
  • Depending on the location, sometimes a $50-$100 photography permit is required. I list that on the locations list.
  • Some locations require more walking than others, which is not ideal for elderly, pregnant or handicapped.  I list the walking time required on my location list.


Outside the box alternatives

  • Can’t decide?  Do both!  You can split your photo session, and do half in my studio and half at the park by my studio.   This will offer you the ultimate in variety of backgrounds and lighting.
  • Invite me over to your home.  The children are in their element and outfit changes are a breeze.  This is ideal in homes that have a good amount of natural light peeking through large windows.
  • Plan a stay-cation or vacation and rent an Airbnb showy home and we’ll do the session there.  Think getaway cities with a lot of personality and rentals like Santa Barbara, DTLA, Laguna Beach.


What is the most popular?

Right now the trend is families splitting their session and doing half at the studio and half at the adjacent park.  Variety and best of both worlds is pretty desirable!


What do I recommend?

I can help assess your needs and we can go from there.  Set up a complimentary session consultation with me via phone or in-studio (on a Monday-Thursday).  I enjoy taking time out to personally tailor your session to your needs.

What I do with my clients is help them figure out what works best THIS time around.  Then when they’re ready for another session, we can try something else.  It keeps things fresh and exciting for all!


Now that you have all the pros & cons to studio and natural light photo sessions, which will you choose?

Contact me today to schedule your complimentary session consultation!