A cake smash session with a 2 year old

If you missed the chance to do a 1 year cake smash portrait or you simply want a do-over cake smash photo session…you’re SO in luck. I hear a lot about 1 year old cake smash sessions, but why not do it at 2 as well? Today’s blog post is in honor of moms like me who want fresh new ideas to capture their “baby’s” sweetness before they get all big.

For my youngest daughter, Callista’s 2nd birthday, I planned a cake smash for her at the studio. I put her in a dress that each of my children wore for their 2nd bday, and ordered my favorite smash cake, the coveted Berry Chantilly cake from Whole Foods Bakery.

1 year cake smash vs 2 year cake smash

The biggest difference between a cake smash for a 1 year old vs a 2 year old is that you’re working with a much smarter child who has preferences . Miss Callista love loves berries…aka “boppies.” So her cake was full of them. She also does NOT like getting dirty, so I made sure a spoon (and plenty of napkins & baby wipes) was available to her for the smash. I picked up the cake and showed it to her and she immediately wanted to eat it…that was a good sign!

The session was much different than the 1 year old ones…Callista managed the session by sitting still for portraits for about 2 minutes, then she asked for “cake cake.” The smash itself however was quite methodical for Callista. She took her time eating, making sure to wipe her hands, and she stopped to feed daddy during the session as well. The session was really relaxed and like a game to Callista.

The Results & Regret!

Here are the shots from Callista’s 2nd year Cake Smash Session…I don’t know about you, but dang, why didn’t I do this for all my children?! Whoops! Don’t make the same mistake I did! Ask me about my weekday cake smash packages, they’re kinda sorta awesome!