44 shoots in 3 months.

This past holiday season (October-December) I caught up with 44 wonderful families for the holidays to celebrate love, 1st birthdays, new babies, and the holidays in the form of photos.

What does that look like?  Well, I’m 44 blog posts behind.  Here is a summary of the past few months’ sessions.  Its possible some of these I will get to blog!  This is a true testament to the variety of special sessions I get to do!

Thank you to all the wonderful families that came in.  It really warmed my heart to have the honor of capturing your happy faces (again)!!


A Note About 2018 Weekend Sessions

Its bittersweet, everyone is progressing in their lives with growing love, new pets and growing families!  These lovely moments remind me not to forget to stop and savor my own family’s moment!  This year I’ll be taking weekend sessions exclusively on the first Saturday of each month.  Weekdays I’m continuing to be available for sessions Monday-Thursday.  Plan ahead, weekends are just about sold out through March already.

I’m offering a very special Valentine’s day package this season, contact me for details!