Studio Tour

In my last blog post, I spoke of the absolute nightmare condition the studio was in when I got it.  After 4 weeks of construction and another few weeks of fine tuning, I finally have the space dialed in.  It was no easy task bringing the space from a warehouse to a sophisticated studio space.  It was a joint effort between me and my interior designer Sandi Kaneko Interiors.  Sandi elevated the space by guiding me in color palette curation, finishes and furniture.  I’m so glad I hired a professional rather than trying to DIY Ikea everything.  The space is everything I envisioned and more!

The Mural

During the build-out, my oldest daughter, Kristy, was on summer break.  She was just about to transfer to Art Center and took on one more creative project for good ol’ mom before she returned to school.  I commissioned Kristy to do a custom painted mural inside the studio shooting space.  I envisioned a colorful, happy mural that I could utilize as a unique backdrop for sessions.  In addition, I revealed that I’d like to have her replace the mural every summer so clients can enjoy a new backdrop each year (I don’t think she liked that part).  My videographer Marc documented Kristy’s summer long mural project on video and created a timelapse of the actual painting.

And here is that cool timelapse:

I’m writing this blog on Kristy’s first day at Art Center in Pasadena. I’m so proud of my baby girl. There are only 39 other lucky people that got into the school of graphic design over there. #proudmama

Before & After

Special thank you to the wonderful people that helped make this transformation a success:

Sandi Kaneko Interiors:  Interior Design

Ngo Creations: Laser cut lightbox signage and custom wood wave screen in lobby

Prime Graphix: Front door & front window decal cutting & application

Marc Mondoy: Videography, timelapse

Kristy my daughter: mural design, front door decal design


The studio is now open for sessions!  Make your studio appointment today!