New Studio Nightmare

Last month, I moved into a new studio space, which is triple the size of my old one!  Here is the story about how the nightmare went down.  Join me for my grand opening event this Saturday or you can see it at your next photo session with me!   More grand opening info at the bottom!


It was May 24th and my lease was expiring in less than 1 week.  I took my usual morning trip to Starbucks for my iced tea.  As I walked back to my car, I was a little sad/kicking rocks frustrated.  I was trying to convince myself that staying in my current studio was meant to be.  I was looking at new office spaces ALL month and nothing was panning out.

Traffic piled up on Huntington Drive, so I took the long way back to the office.  The Gold Line gates lowered…traffic again.  Ugh, this morning was sucking.  I sipped my iced tea and looked out the window.  A “for lease” sign came into my sight.  I didn’t see this space on any of the commercial listing sites…probably was leased.  I wrote the number down anyway.

I called the number later that morning and the space was available still.  It was way out of budget, but there is no harm in looking right?



A nightmare.

I arrived to the space later that morning and was immediately grossed out.  The place was a mess.  It sat abused, vacant and trashed for over a year.  It also fell victim to a string of tenants that just didn’t care about the looks of the place.  A year’s worth of junk mail all over the floor, every room was a different color, holes in the walls, cracked floors, tin foil & metal pipes to nowhere hanging off the celings…a brown toilet and an abandoned treadmill.  To someone without an imagination, this place was a sheer nightmare.

I got passed the shock and envisioned my new studio.  I walked to the back and saw a roll up garage door…the property manager said “if you’re ever unloading your photo lights you can pull back here” and I cut him off, “I can bring my race car.”  The property manager replied, “yes and I will fix the place for you, install ac, knock down walls, and you can choose the paint/floor colors.”  I knew right then and there this place was special.  Sure it would be my photo studio, but I had the option of using it for my car passions AND they would do all the improvements for me?  Talk about signs!


Can you even afford it?

I went to lunch and called Benson (my husband), right away.  I spoke without a filter and surprised myself when I heard these words come out of my mouth

“babe, I found a new studio, and I want to get it today.”

“Can you even afford it?”

“YES.”  It was going to be tight, but yea, I could afford it (I think).

I got the space that day.  And one month later, after a 4-week rehabilitation.  I moved in.


Cloud 9?

I’ve been in the space for a few weeks now.  My neighbors are a wonderful mix of dudes including a racing helmet painter, a VW Bug tuning genius, a coffee roaster, a food photographer and a mix of contractors.  I couldn’t have found a more interesting mix of people.  I’m the first woman-owned biz in the office park.

In hindsight, deciding to get this “nightmare” of a place was the biggest and most important step I’ve made in the 6 year history of Sachiko Studio.  I had plenty of nightmares about it, but I’m finally all moved in and on cloud 9.  Its a huge step in the right direction for my operations.  I’m so happy.  Here’s to an exciting new chapter for Sachiko Studio!


Please join me this Saturday for my private grand opening event.  Tickets are availble on Eventbrite, but they’re just about sold out.