Secret proposal photos

I first photographed Chob + Geneveve a couple years ago in Wisconsin during a car race weekend.  Fast forward 2 years and I caught wind that Chob was coming to California with his beloved girlfriend Geneveve for a “Disneyland vacation” where he’d propose to her.  The proposal was set to happen sometime during his vacation.  Instead of proposing in a very public and crowded place as Disneyland is, Chob ended up planning a “vacation couples photo session in a pretty place” , where we would photograph his secret proposal!

Chob+Gen got off the plane and went straight to my studio for make-up with Sachiko Studio stylist Juliet.  We then ventured off in a hurry to catch the beautiful California sunset.  It was a hot hot day, but that isn’t what Gen thinks about when she looks back on this day.  From me almost forgetting my queue to Chob accidentally kicking the ring box just before he proposed, there were no dull moments.  The proposal went off without any real hitches, because it was all meant to be that day.  The stars aligned, the weather cooled off towards sunset and Gen said “Yes!!”

Gen walked away from the shoot with a new diamond on her finger and plenty of photos to show…see her say Yes here.  And we’re proud to mention there are no re-posed photos of this proposal, all photos are the candid proposal!




chob+gen-5219-X2 chob+gen-5429-X3 chob+gen-5335-X2 chob+gen-5258-X2



EZ5A5155-X3 chob+gen-5506-X3 chob+gen-5552-X3 chob+gen-5563-X3


chob+gen-5751 chob+gen-5756

chob+gen-5788 chob+gen-5805

Congratulations to Gen & Chob!!!  If you’re thinking about proposing and you’d like us to capture that, contact us today so we can help you start planning today!