Eaton Canyon Maternity Photos: Brigette

I love it when the stars magically align and timing just works itself out; and it did for Brigette.  Brigette contacted me very close to her due date….very close.  I happened to have the Friday of that week open and had a feeling I should get her in right away.

In a matter of days Brigette managed to plan & style props for her maternity session and select the most flattering wardrobe for herself along with her husband & daughter.  It was a hot hot afternoon at Eaton Canyon and we literally had the place to ourselves.  Very pregnant Brigette was a trooper and did not complain once about the heat and bugs attacking us!  I don’t know any other mommies out there that close to delivering that were as calm and collected as Brigette.

Brigette delivered a healthy baby girl 2 days later.  Talk about close call.  We’re so thrilled Brigette could have these moments captured before she gave birth.

eatoncanyon-maternity-3314-X3 eatoncanyon-maternity-3290-X3 eatoncanyon-maternity-3270-X3 eatoncanyon-maternity-3140-X3 eatoncanyon-maternity-3189-X3

eatoncanyon-maternity-3076-X3 eaton-canyon-maternity-2889-X2 eaton-canyon-maternity-2844-X2 eaton-canyon-maternity-2792-X2 (1) eatoncanyon-maternity-2707-X2 eatoncanyon-maternity-2575-X3

Our weekends for August & September 2016 are completely booked.  October & November is filling now.  Plan ahead and book your maternity session in your 2nd trimester!  Maternity sessions are usually done anytime between your 28th-37th week of pregnancy :)!  Contact us today!