In-Home Newborn Photography: Baby Benjamin

9 out of 10 mommies on maternity leave stay home…they enjoy their baby, nest, and relax.  On my recent maternity leave, I photographed baby Benjamin.  alyce+timo-maternity-9886-X2alyce+timo-maternity-9723-X2
Yes, I worked during maternity leave, but I think it was a confirmation that I’m in the line of work I should be in.  Its not just a job for me, its something I love doing and 9 out of 10 people probably say they don’t exactly LOVE their job.  

I photographed new parents-to-be Alyce & Timo during the last few weeks of work before I delivered baby Callista.  Alyce looked ready and I predicted she would deliver soon…

After I gave birth to Callista, I was surprised to find out that Benjamin had STILL not been delivered!!  What seemed like weeks later, Benjamin finally arrived a week or so late and 10 pounds heavy.  He would go down in history as the latest and largest newborn I have ever had the joy of photographing. .

For the first time, meet baby Benjamin!

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