Mommy Model Search

We have our models now, but still are accepting applications to be put on the wait list in case we need another model or 2.

Attn: Hot Mess Mamas

For the past 5 years I’ve been dreaming of this new offering for Sachiko Studio.  I’m excited to announce: ITS TIME!

I am looking for 2 mommies to be the first to experience my new mommy makeover experience package at no charge*.

You will join me in studio for professional hair & make-up and a 1:1 photo session with me in 2-3 outfits, which I will provide.  It will be a relaxing experience with champagne, snacks, music and time to enjoy being pampered & photographed like a super model.

If you’re a mom who feels they’re a hot mess and barely has time for themselves…this new experience is for you doll.  Get a sitter and just show up and leave the rest to me & my glam team.


  • Must be a returning client.
  • Must be a mom that wears a size 3-8.
  • You do NOT need a fit body for this, I’d actually prefer you NOT to have one.  Let me work my magic.
  • Acne/bad skin is ok!
  • Stretch marks welcome!
  • Insecurities welcome!
  • Must be available to come in from 1pm-5pm on one of these dates: Wednesday 6/20, Monday 6/25, Wednesday 6/27

What you’ll do

We’ll do a style consultation in person or over phone to go over the styling for your session.  I’ll walk you through it all and email you specific prep/arrival instructions.

You may be photographed/filmed during your arrival, hair/makeup and possibly during the shoot when you’re in your favorite gown.  We will do a before & after photo of your hair & makeup.

Your attire will be 1-2 gowns and one full coverage lingerie outfit or white sheet look (your face does not have to be shown for the lingerie shots, and I may only need a shot of a silhouette or partial shot of your waist or whatever body part you are most proud of).  You may choose which lingerie outfit of mine you’d be most comfortable in.  If you’re not comfortable with a full coverage lingerie outfit, I have a white sheets option where just some of your body will show but for that your face will show.


Why do I need models?

I need to build my porfolio of images/video that I can use on my new website.  I have done these sessions over the years for select clients and friends, but finally I’m at a point where I’m ready to share this experience with the public.  I want to use recent images of real moms (that’s you!) who are comfortable sharing their beauty on my website.


How do I apply?

Respond here on my Model Search Application!  I’ll be working out dates/scheduling with you models via email.  First to respond and those most flexible on dates will have priority.  If you are not chosen, then you will receive private intro pricing on a session when they’re announced next month!


*Fine Print
You will receive complimentary professional hair & make up, attire and a complimentary full collection of completely retouched high resolution digital images.  It would be great if you can tip the makeup & hair artists.   If you’d like an album of your images, you may have my new signature “black album” at my cost.