Frequently Asked Questions

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Reserving a Session
How far in advance should I book a session?

Two months in advance at the very least in order to get first choice in dates.  If you want your session sooner, I can advise of the remaining dates I have available.  I am most flexible on weekdays.  Weekends are first to fill.  If I do not have your date available, my associate photographer may be available for your session or event.

For the holiday season (Oct-Dec), my Fall dates start to fill in August.

If you would like to reserve a newborn session, I only accept 3 sessions each month, so reserving in your 2nd trimester is recommended.

Beginning Jan 1, 2018, I will be offering weekend portrait sessions on the first Saturday of each month only.

Where is my photo session done?

I am a both a natural light, on-location photographer and studio photographer.  I have an extensive list of beautiful locations in the Los Angeles & Orange County areas for you to choose from.  If you have a location* in mind, that’s fantastic too!  Some clients prefer to be photographed in the comfort of their own home, and I do that as well.  I will make any location work and look fabulous on camera…that is one of my specialties.  My big pretty studio in Arcadia, CA is available for all types of sessions.

*Required permits will need to be purchased by the client if any are needed (I will let you know).

When can we do the session?

I am a full-time photographer, so I am available Monday-Thursdays and some weekends.  I reserve the rest of my weekends for my own 4 sweet children & husband.  If you want a weekend session, contact me 2-3 months in advance, as those fill first.

How do I reserve a session?

1.  Use my contact form to let me know as much information as possible about your photography needs.

2.  I will get back to you within 1-2 business days and let you know my availability and send you available packages.

3.  Once a date and package is chosen, sign your contract online and pay your deposit.  All of this is done online via my online booking system.  Easy peasy!

I’m a phone person, can we figure things out over the phone?

Yes of course!  I’m mostly in the studio Monday-Thursdays 9am-5pm (as long as I’m not out on a session).  Call me during business hours or set up a time with me.  I’m a phone person too doll, don’t worry.

When do I have to pay for my session?

An initial deposit is due to reserve your date.  This is paid upon signing your photography contract.  Depending on what sort of package you select, the balance is due either on the day of your session for all portrait sessions.  For newborn sessions, your balance is due once the final gallery is delivered and you have chosen/built a package.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do!  Visit our referral page for all the details!


Photo Sessions
What should I wear to the photo session?

Once your session is reserved I will email you a style guide that will give you some advice on attire & props for the session.  In addition, I can schedule a style consultation on the phone with you at no extra charge.  During that consultation we can go over the location and we can put together a style plan for your session (props, attire, theme etc).

Should I get my makeup & hair done for the photo session?

This is optional and depends on your style & budget.  Photo sessions are a special occasion, so more than half of my clients get their makeup & hair professionally done for the photo session.  If you plan to do your makeup yourself, wear a few shades darker eye & lip color as my camera tends to “wash out” makeup.  I have a staff stylist who specializes in makeup & hair styling that works with my photographic style.

What if I am late to my photo session?

I schedule our session based on the best available sunlight.  If you arrive late, it may jeopardize the lighting and impact the success of our session.  Regardless if our session starts late, the end time will be the same.  Do not be late!!

My child doesn’t behave for photos.  Should I even attempt a photo session?

Yes of course!  If there is an especially challenging camera shy child, I will bring my assistant(s) along with me to the session to help grab their attention and get some laughs.  In addition, I bring the “magic bag” to each and every session.  This bag holds special prizes for kids who smile!  I also bring “Sammy” who is a monkey who helps me take photos.  I have a lot of experience in dealing with camera shy, unruly and plain wild kids of all ages.  All these services are included in every package.

How long is the photo session?

Sessions range from 30 – 90 minutes depending on the package and the kind of session.  Newborn sessions are no more than 2-3 hours.  Twins err on the side of 3 hours.


Yes we do!  The studio is reserved for sessions of 3 or less individuals.  Kiddie cake smashes, makeover/glam sessions, headshots and newborns can all be photographed in or Arcadia, CA photo studio.  We photograph family sessions mainly outdoors to show a diverse collection of poses and backgrounds in a natural setting.  We also offer women’s makeover photo sessions with in-studio makeup & hair service.

Do you blog every session?

No, I do not.  Between having 4 kids, working as a full-time photographer and respecting some of my more private clients’ wishes, only 15% of the sessions I do get blogged.  With that said, when you sign your booking contract with me, you’ll be able to specify if you wish to be blogged/featured on social media or not.  I respect all my clients’ wishes for privacy 100%.

Do you offer any products like prints or albums?

Yes, I offer fancy, premium quality albums and wall art that both are guaranteed against fading for 100 years.  I source my products from a professional print house that services only professional photographers who always ship the final product overnight.  My premium flush mount albums are a huge seller, mostly because of the huge variety of color options and fancy smancy quality.  I have lots of samples, give me a heads up and stop by the studio to see them!

When should I reserve my session?

I only accept a limited amount of sessions each month, so reserving in your 2nd trimester is recommended.  If you procrastinated, contact me asap and I may be able to fit your session in depending on how busy the month is.

When are newborn sessions done?

Newborn sessions are done within the first 7-14 days of life.  On average, babies are 1 week.  I can photograph your baby in a newborn style for up to 1 month old, but most likely there will be less variety in the photos as the older the child is, the less they sleep/cooperate during the session.  If your baby is older than 1 month, I have special techniques for creative sessions for 2 months +.  If your baby was born premature, I have experience photographing premies as well as premie twins.

Where will the newborn session be?

I’m proud to be one of the only newborn photographers in this area that will give you the choice of location.  The session may be In the comfort of your own home OR my studio, the choice is yours.  If you opt for an in-home session, I will photograph your new arrival in the brightest room of your house.  I bring all necessary props, blankets, hats, attire and sets.  No need to clean the house up, I only need a small area to work in and I understand how chaotic things are when there is a new baby in the home.

If you live further than 25 miles from Arcadia, CA and still would like a session, I can come to your home for a small travel fee OR  I can offer an in-studio newborn session.


If you could time a feeding to occur around the time I arrive, that would be great!  If not, that’s okay too!  Have your baby undressed down to his/her diaper, and have them loosely wrapped in a blanket.  Have readily available in my workspace a set of diapers, wipes and any other supplies I will need to change the baby.  I gladly change diapers throughout the session to ensure baby is comfy at all times.

Try NOT to bathe your baby too often prior to the session.  Bathing promotes the peeling of baby’s skin.

I bring all the props, blankets, baskets, wraps and hats for you to choose from.  If you would like me to incorporate some of your own pieces into the session, please have those ready for me upon arrival and I will gladly include those in the photos.

do mommy & Daddy Get to be in the photos too?

Yes, of course, siblings too!  If you want to include grandma & grandpa, they’re welcome too.  During the times your baby is most alert for the session, I will spend that time getting a variety of photos of everyone with baby.  Once baby is calm, I need a very quiet, warm (no drafts!) environment to work in.

May we watch you photograph our baby?

Yes, of course!  I limit the audience two 2 people.  I ask that you sit back, relax and watch quietly.  Many parents start the session off by watching and then go relax elsewhere…even nap or pump!  I have 4 kids of my own and have photographed hundreds of babies and children.  I believe in a safe, open work environment where the parents can feel like they can watch me work at any time.

MAY WE snap some photos of baby during the session too?

Yes, but please keep it to a bare minimum.  It is disruptive to my concentration and creativity if I’m constantly being interrupted by someone trying to take a photo from behind me.

Do you photograph twins?

Yes, of course!  An additional charge applies to cover extra edit time, shoot time and an assistant.  I love me some twins!



Do you shoot weddings?

No, only engagements..  I am quite busy on the weekends with my family now and have retired my wedding packages.  I do however have a few wonderful wedding photographers that I can refer you to.

do you shoot pre-wedding/couples/engagements?

Yes. Very much so!  I enjoy helping couples plan these sessions and still offer them (you’re in luck!!)

Do you offer Videography Services?

Yes!  I have a staff videographer and he is pretty darn awesome, talented and nice.  Ask me about family photo+video packages as well as newborn and cake smash videos!


I shoot with professional grade Canon gear.  Currently me and my 2nd photographers use Canon 5D Mark IV bodies and we carry back-up Mark III bodies.  100% of my equipment is Canon…I do not shoot with any low grade 3rd party brands.  I believe in using only the latest & greatest portrait photography equipment there is to offer.  I am also a member of CPS, Canon Professional Services, which performs support & maintenance on all my equipment periodically.

Fun fact:  my favorite lens to shoot with is the Canon 135mm F2L.

HOW DO YOU SAFEGUARD MY PHOTOS between the time you photograph me till the time you deliver the photos to me?

As soon as we return to the office from a shoot, we backup your photos onto a hard drive and place the original memory cards in a fire proof & water proof safe off-site.  Once the photos are edited, they are backed up onto a secure server online and on our RAID photo server.  Your photos are then uploaded online to your final photo gallery, where they will remain there for at least 1 year.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, check, bank transfers, bank cards and credit cards.  In addition, I offer flexible payment plans on sessions booked 6 or more months in advance.

MY Venue is asking for an insurance certificate, can you provide that?

Yes, we carry a $2M general liability insurance policy and upon request can send an insurance certificate to your venue.


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