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Godchild Gift Idea

When you’re a godparent, great care and thought is put into a gift for your godchild.  You may feel that a simple outfit or toy won’t suffice, after all, you love this child so much and you want to gift something from the heart!

Well, I have the best godchild gift idea ever for you!

What I’ve been seeing here at the studio is godparents thinking outside the box and gifting their godchildren (as well as nieces and nephews) photo sessions.  This thoughtful gift is something a child will never grow out of or lose; its something the entire family can enjoy forever.  Maybe that line was a little cheesy, but honestly, being a parent of 4 kids in the household, I know the gifts we remember and cherish the most are centered around unique, personal and won’t clutter my house up!  A photo session?  Check, check and check!

Alessandra’s Godmother gifts photo sessions to her each year.

I am thankful for thoughtful godparents like Liz who allow me to do what I love the most: documenting children’s growth over time.  Maybe you should be thankful to Liz too for giving you the best godchild gift idea ever!!

Today, see Alessandra’s 2 gift sessions from newborn to her 1 year cake smash!  Happy Birthday Alessandra!

More information on our weekday mini session special is below!

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Dark In-home Newborn Photography Session

I’m happy to be one of the only newborn photographers in the area giving clients the choice of having their newborn photos done in-home or in my studio.  75% of my clients prefer me to come to their home for photos.  The biggest concern is “what if I have a dark home.”  As a natural light photographer, I don’t use any lighting, just fancy cameras, lenses and good ol’ mother nature’s sun.  So how do photos look when I deal with a dark home?

Well today I’m sharing with you baby C’s photos.  His parents were worried about their dark townhome hindering the photos.  As a professional photographer, you have to be resourceful in finding the light source and brightest areas of the home.  Although the home was quite dark, I found a skylight, large windows on the 2nd floor as well as a dining nook with nice light.  I moved a breakfast table for some of the shots, but really, we had a great deal of options still.  I love the challenge shooting in clients’ homes brings, it presents me with new lighting scenarios, new backgrounds and textures that give the photos more personality and style that comes in because of the clients’ home decorating.  As long as you have windows, an in-home session is feasible :)!  Meet baby C :)!

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Maternity+Newborn: Baby Aubrey

One of the best parts of my job is being able to capture a client’s progression through milestones in their life.  Anna contacted me in her first trimester of pregnancy and she knew exactly what she wanted.  She wanted to plan ahead to make sure no detail was left out.  She reserved her maternity and newborn sessions right away.

Anna chose Eaton Canyon for the backdrop of her maternity session.  What I love about Eaton is that the seasons show in their foliage.  This time Eaton showed us pops of beautiful purple wildflowers all over.  I met Anna and Jason for the first time at their shoot and I immediately saw a certain excitement in their mood & their eyes that I don’t always see with new parents-to-be.  They were enjoying & savoring their last few months as a pair and were SO ready for their +1.  It was truly heartwarming to photograph a couple like that.
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