Baby Ethan 7 weeks to 7 months | Arcadia Baby Photographer


7weeksto7monthsBeing a lifetime photographer, I get the joy & privilege of visiting & photographing kids during their milestones.  Whether its their first weeks on this earth or their 3rd cake smash, I’m here to capture those moments.  Here are the stories & images from baby Ethan’s 7 week AND 7 month portrait sessions.

I can’t believe how much Ethan grew in this short amount of time.  Find the 7 month photos & story right after the 7 week ones!

We first photographed baby Ethan when he was a mere 7 weeks old.  Normally, clients are electing in-home sessions, but his mom, a NICU Nurse, requested his shoot to be outdoors.  I’m always up for the challenge and my clients are always opening my eyes up to new ideas.  So we planned for his session to be at the Arboretum in Arcadia.  Our shoot there was hampered due to unexpected rain!  We still photographed Ethan that day, between cloud bursts at a nearby park…the sun even peeked out for a few minutes!


Gaudin-Family-5870-X2 Gaudin-Family-6025-X2 Gaudin-Family-6082-X2 Gaudin-Family-6085-X2 Gaudin-Family-6145-X2 Gaudin-Family-6237-X2 Gaudin-Family-6272-X2 Gaudin-Family-6361-X2

I was greeted by 7 month old heartbreaker Ethan with huge smiles at the Arboretum (FINALLY!).  I told him to save the smiles for my camera.  He listened…for a while.  Half of our session Ethan was a bit bored of me and my stuffed animals and magic bag…yet we still were able to grab his smiles using a cell phone app and tricks by mom & dad.  We had so much fun acting like kids trying to get baby Ethan to smile…I’m sure those that saw us thought we were out of our minds!
gaudin-family-16-0676-X2 gaudin-family-16-0698-X2 gaudin-family-16-0712-X2 i-NghD7Wm-X2


i-qmG3tgK-X2 gaudin-family-16-0889-X2 gaudin-family-16-0947-X2 gaudin-family-16-1237-X2 gaudin-family-16-1262-X2Its never too late to start documenting your children’s growth.  We are happy to announce we will be opening up pre-books for summer mini studio sessions for children next week.  Please contact us for more information!