New Featurette Release

Today, I’m releasing a new mini featurette for Sachiko Studio!

I worked with a talented filmmaker, Brian Golden Davis, owner of Doc Riot Films on this project.  I met Brian over ten years ago when he was a student at USC’s film school.  He & David Kaleo Woo produced a short doc on me in my racing days, shot on old school 16mm film and it got lots of play at various film festivals.  Fast forward to current day, Brian is producing films for AMC, FedEx and Kia…and now Sachiko Studio–and David is a talented and insightful screenwriter with many passion projects in the works including one with a girl racer as the star ;)…he also came and helped on set during the filming of my new featurette.  It was a reunion for us and we picked up right where we left off…this time filming a photography feature instead of drifting.

We filmed this all in one weekend, one rainy weekend.  Over the course of that weekend the crew traveled with me filming my usual schedule.  Saturday, we photographed a maternity session (in the rain) of a very special client, The Chen Family, with their long awaited baby bump.  Sunday, we photographed the growing Langdon Family, whom we photograph so often I think they’re just about model status now.  We traveled to my two most favorite photography locations and were faced with everything from the cold and rain to the warm golden sunset Orange County is so famous for.  As I went to bed that Sunday, I thought about the events that transpired that weekend, and even with a film crew following me around, this still doesn’t feel like work.  #lovemyjob

This new featurette digs deeper into the new type of photography concept I’ve coined as “Lifetime Photography.”  I hope you enjoy.

Here are some behind the scenes photos, followed by…THE FEATURETTE.

A big thank you to the Chen & Langdon families for allowing us to film your sessions.  And thank you to Steven Nakamura for the slick motion graphics animation of my logo!!ss-com-5248